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Perhaps you’ve just moved in to a new home and ripped out the old kitchen and bathroom, both of which are now an eyesore on your front driveway; you don’t have a van, your car’s far too nice to put rubbish in and not big enough anyway, and you don’t know anyone with a truck.

There is also the ethical question of what happens to the rubbish once it has been removed. We’ll take away just about anything, as long as it isn’t asbestos – from old plumbing, or furniture to garden waste.  Then it goes to the appropriate site, as no one place deals with everything. Wherever possible we try to ensure that anything which could be recycled, gets recycled, and we’re proud of the small contribution we make to our environment.

Some ‘companies’ will just dump your refuse – fly tipping is on the increase due to waste sites charging for disposal. However, at Denon Construction we don’t work that way and if you want to know where your rubbish has gone, we’ll send you a copy of a receipt so you can see for yourself that the countryside remains untarnished.

So, rather than letting everything pile up in your garden, refuse clearance can be arranged well in advance, so the disruption and damage done to the surrounds of your home are kept to a minimum.

If you’re not sure what the cost may be, that’s easy – just give us a call, we can pop round and discuss what you intend to do, and then give you a FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE for refuse removal.

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