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You may think that leaky guttering or downpipes are merely annoying, but you should never skimp on their maintenance. Leaks here can allow water to seep through to the roof space, or be absorbed through the walls, and cause all manner of problems.

What is so frustrating is that the guttering and downpipe’s costs are minimal in relation to their effectiveness when it comes to protecting your property. Guttering and downpipe maintenance is one of our most regular call-outs – especially in the autumn, when leaves can frequently block downpipes and create a dangerous overflow that, if unattended, allows damp to penetrate your walls.

We can fit simple gutter guards to stop the perennial leafy problem. They are simple to fit, 100% effective and though we are not in the habit of trying to make ourselves redundant, you’ll find you’ll see a lot less of us once they have been fitted!

Whether you still have the original cast iron guttering that needs a few extra bolts to connect it to the fascias, or the down pipes need a new coat of paint – we can help.

If it is an Osma system, we can check, and repair, the seals around down pipe joints and gutter junctions, to ensure there is no leakage. A few pounds spent now on your gutter maintenance, could certainly save you hundreds in the future.

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