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Flat pack furniture, with indecipherable instructions, ridiculously complicated diagrams, and missing parts, is everyone’s idea of frustrating, time consuming stress.

There is no question that if you don’t assemble flat-pack furniture for a living – and believe us there are plenty who do make a living from it – you could imagine a triple wardrobe being assembled in under an hour when you know, for a fact, that it takes a minimum of seventeen hours!

Fortunately, Denon Construction has an abundance of experience in furniture assembly!

However, you have to question the logic behind buying furniture in its cheapest form and then paying someone more than it cost to assemble it. But, our experienced team will accomplish the task in double quick time, and thus keep any costs to a minimum – and obviously there will be no stress or frustration for you!

Of course one of the advantages of using Denon Construction to sort out your furniture assembly problems, is that we send out professionals, so you will have an experienced carpenter come out to assist you; so, when the inevitable part is discovered to be missing, they usually have the spares to get you out of a fix.

So, if you’re on a tight budget, or you just want an idea of the costs involved, just give us a call on 0207 127 6886 and ask for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE. We can usually give you this without having to pay you a visit as there’s not a piece of flat pack furniture we haven’t tackled.

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