Basement Conversion Wimbledon London

Basements in Clapham, Battersea, London… It is possible to increase the size of an existing south London cellar to the size of the footprint of the entire building. Such projects require careful structural calculations and specialist underpinning techniques.

Suitability for a Basement

Clapham, Balham, Battersea in London are very suitable for a basement, but it is good practice to commission a geotechnical survey to ensure site suitability. Problems would not rule out a basement but are likely to increase basement excavation and waterproofing costs.

Basements are profitable

In areas with very high property prices, even relatively expensive basement projects such as constructing a basement underneath an existing property will be profitable.


40 years experience on site. Our projects have our structural engineer on site at all crucial times during excavation and propping to give our clients peace of mind. Each project is insured on a separate policy with our clients.

We have a vast experience with the whole process of cellar conversions in London; our team can provide a personalised service that includes planning, design and construction, leaving you to plan how to use that extra space you will be gaining.

We have developed long-term partnerships with tradesmen and suppliers to deliver the highest level of quality and service to every cellar conversion.

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